Structure of Snap Schedule 365 object: Shift


Title Type Description
ID number ID of the shift
Code string Unique code to identify the shift
Description string Description of the shift
LocationID number (references Location) Identifies the location of the shift
ShiftCategoryID number (references Definition) Identifies the shift category in which this shift belongs
StartTime Date Start time of the shift
Duration number Length of shift in minutes
ApplicableDayMask number Bit mask of applicable days for the shift (1=Sunday, 2=Monday, etc.)
ApplicableStartDate Date Start date of when shift is applicable (null = no start date)
ApplicableEndDate Date End date of when shift is applicable (null = no end date)
PositionFilter PositionFilter Specifies a position filter (stored in XML)
SkillFilter SkillFilter Specified as skill filter (stored in XML)
UnpaidDuration number Length of unpaid time (in minutes) during the shift
ShortcutKey string Unique key to help select the shift
ForegroundColorValue number Identifies the foreground color related to this shift
BackgroundColorValue number Identifies the background color related to this shift
Notes string Any notes for this shift
AssociationDateOffset number Offset (in minutes) to determine which date to associate this shift for payroll purposes
IsActive boolean Active status of the shift
IPAddresses string List of the shifts network IP addresses
GeoFenceLatitude number GPS latitude of shift where punches may occur
GeoFenceLongitude number GPS longitude of shift where punches may occur
GeoFenceRadius number Radius of geo-fence circle in which punches may occur (measured in feet)
ContactInfo ContactInfo Identifies any contact info for the shift
CustomInfo CustomInfo Identifies any custom data for the shift
DateCreated Date Date and time that the shift was created
LastUpdated Date Date and time that the shift was updated