Structure of Snap Schedule 365 object: ShiftAssignment


Title Type Description
ID number ID of the shift assignment
ShiftID number (references Shift) Identifies the shift for this shift assignment
EmployeeID number (references Employee) Identifies the employee for this shift assignment
Date Date Identifies the date (not time) for this shift assignment
IsOnCall boolean Is this an on-call shift assignment?
AssignmentReasonID number (references Definition) Identifies a reason for this shift assignment
SkillID number (references Definition) Identifies skill to be linked to this shift assignment
IsShiftAdjusted boolean Has the shift start time, end time, or unpaid duration been adjusted for this shift assignment?
AdjustedStartTime Date Adjusted assignment start time (applicable only if IsShiftAdjusted = true)
AdjustedDuration number Adjusted assignment duration in minutes (applicable only if IsShiftAdjusted = true)
AdjustedUnpaidDuration number Adjusted assignment unpaid duration (applicable only if IsShiftAdjusted = true)
Notes string Any notes for this shift assignment
DateCreated Date Date and time that the shift assignment was created
LastUpdated Date Date and time that the shift assignment was updated
TaskAssignments TaskAssignment[] Array of TaskAssignment objects.