Employee Skill/Certification Expiration List

Employee Skills Expiration

The Employee Skill/Certification Expiration report lists the employee skills/certifications that are about to expire or need to be renewed. By default, this report shows employee names, their skills, expiration dates, and expiration statuses as of the current date. For example, use the End of the Quarter option to find out whose skills will expire by the end of the quarter.

The report contains the following fields:

Report Header Information: Your business name, report title, and the range of dates covered in the report. You can selectively hide these fields using the command.

Employee: The employee name. Clicking the employee name hyperlink will bring up the Employee's record to let you view and make changes if needed.

Position: The employee's job position.

Skill: The name of the skill attached to the employee.

Expires: Date when a skill is due to expire.

Expired: This field indicates the expiration status as of the date shown on the column header.

Days to expiration: The number of days until expiration (starting from the date shown on the column header ).