About Lists

Lists provide an efficient way to store and view large amounts of data. Lists allow you to:

In addition, lists are arranged by columns, which can be used to sort entries by ascending or descending order, show/hide entries in the list, and filter certain entries out of the list.



Adding a list entry

You can click to create a new list entry. You can fill in as many data fields as you like and modify them later. But, you must fill in all required (with a *) data fields before saving a new entry.

Editing a list entry

You can double-click a list entry or click to view and modify more data about the entry. The list will then be refreshed to reflect changes made to the entry.

Deleting a list entry

You can click to remove list entries from the database.

Configuring custom fields:

After defining custom fields for your lists by clicking , you can set values in each list entries custom field. The caption that you enter for the custom field will be displayed as a column header in the list. Snap Schedule 365 allows you to enter up to ten text values, five date values, five numeric values, and five check box values.

Refreshing list items

When a scheduler makes changes to a schedule in Snap Schedule 365, their changes are instantly reflected on other computers that are connected to the same schedule database. On occasion, however, changes made by other schedulers can display after a small period of time. In any list, you can click to instantly get new changes to the list.

Exporting a list to an Excel or PDF file

You can export the contents of any list to an Excel or PDF file for further computations and analysis. Simply click to download an Excel spreadsheet of your list, or click to download a PDF file of your list. The column layout in the file will match the current layout of the list.

Sorting list records

To sort list records in ascending order, simply click the header of the column you want to sort. Click the header again to sort in descending order. Alternatively, you can click the button inside of the header of the column and click either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

Customizing a list

You can customize the lists that appear throughout Snap Schedule 365. Customizable features include the ability to select which columns to display and the ability to rearrange their display order. To customize the current list you are viewing:

  1. Click on the button inside of any header of any column. Then, if you hover over Columns, you can check every column that you want visible and uncheck every column that you want hidden. Snap Schedule 365 will remember which columns to display in the future.

  2. Click and drag any of the column headers to change where each column is located in the list, or click and drag either the left or right edges of the column to grow or shrink the column. The display will immediately be updated and reorganized.

Filtering list data

Under each column, you can use a pre-defined filter to display only the data that match the filter criteria. For example, in the list of employees, you can filter the data to display only employees who are active, or employees who are inactive, or all employees. To apply a filter to the data in a list's column, click the button in the column's header and hover over Filter, passing in all the necessary filter information. Then, click Filter to filter the list. Click Clear to remove the filter if one exists.