Navigating The Online Help

Snap Schedule 365 provides a browser-based Help Viewer that lets you search the set of help information in various ways.  The Help Viewer is responsive, meaning its layout changes depending on the type and screen size of your device. If you are viewing the help content on a desktop, you will see a multi-tabbed navigation pane on the left side of the screen and the content of the selected topic on the right side. On a small device like iPhone or Android phone, the multi-tabbed sidebar is hidden so you can have a better reading experience. Pressing the  Menu icon will slide out the content window and reveal the navigation pane.

By default, the Contents tab is selected on the navigation pane, showing help topics arranged in a collapsible tree structure. To display information for a particular topic, simply double-click the title or page icon in the Contents tab.  If you are a new user, you may want to browse through the topics listed under the Introduction section to learn about Snap Schedule 365's basic concepts and common tasks.  When you want to find the answer to a specific question, you can use the Search tab to locate relevant topics.  Use the Index tab to look up a specific term or task, just like you would use a book index.  

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