Exporting Data

You can export all data in a Snap Schedule 365 database into a Snap Schedule file (.ssf). This capability enables you to export all data from your existing database into a Snap Schedule file that can be archived or used to create a new Snap Schedule 365 database. Although the exported file can be opened and viewed by a comparable version of Snap Schedule, you will not be able to view and use the features that are available solely in Snap Schedule 365.

To export data to a Snap Schedule file (.ssf):

  1. From the Admin tab, click Export Schedule.

  2. If desired, enter an encryption password.

  3. Click Export. Snap Schedule 365 will prepare your database for export and then prompt you to choose a name and a location on your computer for the Snap Schedule file.

  4. Click Save to download the Snap Schedule file to your computer.