Importing Data

If you are upgrading to Snap Schedule 365 from Snap Schedule or Snap Schedule Premium, you can import data from your existing Snap Schedule file into the new database. If you don't need to import a Snap Schedule file, you can import employee data into your database from an Excel file.

To create an entirely new database from a Snap Schedule file (.ssf):

  1. From the Admin tab, click Schedule Setup.

  2. On the New Schedule Tab, click Import underneath Import Snap Schedule File.

  3. Click Select Snap Schedule file and then browse to the file location of your desired Snap Schedule file (.ssf) to import. Click Open when you have selected your Snap Schedule file from the file explorer.

  4. To the right of Select Snap Schedule file , an Uploading label should appear. When that label disappears, click Proceed. Snap Schedule 365 will confirm with you if you still want to import your Snap Schedule file and permanently delete your previous database. Click Yes to import the Snap Schedule file.

To import data:

  1. From the Admin tab, click Tools.

  2. Click Import Employees, Import Shifts, Import Locations, or Import Tasks.

  3. Snap Schedule 365 requires data to follow a certain format.
  4. Once you have selected a properly formatted Excel file, click Import.