Defining Time Off Reasons

Time off reasons classify both the assigned and requested time when an employee cannot be present at work during a normal work period. Time off requests are usually approved and scheduled in advance for events such as vacation, training, medical leave, military service, jury duty, and personal leave that cannot be scheduled outside of regular work hours.

To add a new time off reason:

  1. From the Manage tab, click Time Off Reasons. Then, click

  2. Enter the required time off reason code and a description for the time off reason.

  3. Specify whether this time off reason is paid by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

  4. In the "All day duration" field, enter the value to be used in the calculations if a time off is marked as "all day". For example, all day probably means 8 hours in most businesses, but it could mean 10 hours in businesses that operate on a compressed work week like the 4 days, 10 hours/day schedule.  For reporting and pay calculation purposes, Snap Schedule 365 will use the value entered in this field for the duration of an all-day event.

  5. Specify whether or not the time off reason is active by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

  6. You can specify the foreground/background colors to help you differentiate all of your time off reasons in the schedule views.