Calendar Information Settings

Defining and modifying calendar information is essential for an organized scheduling environment.


From the Admin tab, click System Settings, then click Calendar Information.



Schedule View Options

Date, Time & Number Format: The format of all dates, times, and numbers.

Time Zone: The time zone of your business. If your business is worldwide, set this value to the scheduler's time zone.

First calendar day of the week: The first calendar day of the week.

First work day of the week: The first work day of the week.

Notes marker color: The color of the icon that appears on shift assignments in some schedule views.

Schedule view day checkboxes: The days that you would like to see/hide in the schedule views.

Non-Working Days

Click Add to add a new non-working day and it's description. Duplicate non-working days and descriptions are allowed in Snap Schedule 365.

Click Edit to modify a non-working day's date and description.

Click Remove to remove a non-working day.