Default Settings

Defining Work Period settings is essential in order for Snap Schedule 365 to be able to calculate an employee's overtime pay.


From the Admin tab, click System Settings, then click Default Settings.



Work Period Duration: The duration of your business' work period.

Start date of any past work period: A starting date for a work period (e.g. weekly work periods don't always have to start on a Sunday).

First workday of week: The first day of a typical workweek for your business.

Skill counting method: When searching for employee's with specific skills for a shift assignment, the system can search and find all skills assigned to a given employee, or only the primary skill for that employee.

Minimum rest time required between shifts: The minimum required rest time between employee shift assignments.

Automatically logout idle scheduler: The amount of time that must elapse before an idle scheduler is automatically logged out of Snap Schedule 365.