About Reports

Snap Schedule 365 provides a comprehensive set of reports that you can use to analyze your scheduling data, prepare records for day-to-day management and planning, and track employee activities, shift assignments, labor costs, coverage, and time offs. Unlike static reports, Snap Schedule 365 reports are active, meaning you can include or exclude specific information in your reports, drill-down for more details, and make changes to the report data. You can modify the filters, columns, fonts/numbers, header/footer, and many more components of standard reports to fit your needs and save the reports for future use.



The reports that Snap Schedule 365 provides you are listed below.

Weekly Calendars

Monthly Calendars

Time Off

Planned Employee Activities

Recorded Employee Activities

Punch Records

Shift Assignments

Task Assignments

On Call Assignments

Open Shifts

Shift Trades

Employee Lists

Planned Work Hours

Recorded Work Hours

Recorded vs. Planned Work Hours

Planned Labor Costs

Recorded Labor Costs