Filtering Report Data

When you first display a report, the Report Viewer shows report data using the default, unfiltered settings for that report. However, the Report Viewer allows you to filter report data to display only data records that meet your criteria. A filter is a statement that specifies whether data records are displayed or hidden while generating the report. When you apply filters, only the values that match your criteria are included in the report; the rest are hidden until you remove the filters.

Every filter requires:

Every field has one of the four data types, which determine the comparison clauses and values that can be used to create filters.

Data Type Comparison Clause(s) Sample Value
String Is, Is Not, After, Is or After, Before, Is or Before, Begins With, Contains Snap Schedule 365
Boolean Is True
Number Equal, Not Equal To, Is Greater Than, Is Greater or Equal To, Is Less Than, Is Less Than or Equal To 5
Date On, Not On, After, On or After, Before, On or Before 1/1/1970

By using multiple filter conditions, you can create very complex filters. When the report runs, the filters are evaluated to determine if each data record meets the criteria you specify. Data records that meet the criteria will be added to the report.

To add filters to a report:

  1. Click .

  2. Choose either And or Or to be the logical operator. If no filters exist in the active filters list, the logical operator is excluded from the filter.

  3. Choose a field to be filtered. The drop-down list displays all applicable fields for the report.

  4. Choose a comparison clause to control how the field is filtered. The field determines the applicable comparison clauses that you can use.

  5. Input a value for comparison. The button on the right edge of the input box shows you every possible value that you can use for comparison. Otherwise, you can manually type in a value for comparison.

  6. Click Add New Filter to add the filter to the active filters list.

To remove filters from a report:

  1. Click .

  2. From the active filters list, click Remove on the right edge of the filter that you want to remove. The filter should disappear from the list of active filters.