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Human resources scheduling apps to schedule employees & shifts, track time off, attendance, costs.

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Swipe, tap, or click, Snap Schedule’s modern UI lets schedulers and managers easily manage their employees anywhere, anytime, on any device. Its powerful features cover every aspect of workforce management.

  • Easily create schedules for a virtually unlimited number of employees, shifts, and tasks in multiple views. Slit shifts, multiple shifts, paid/unpaid time off and on-calls are all supported.
  • Detect all sorts of schedule conflicts like overlapping shifts, lacking required skills, minimum rest period, or too many overtime hours.
  • Easily find qualified and eligible employees to fill open shifts based on availability, position, skill, labor cost, work hour limits, seniority and other criteria.
  • Multiple schedulers with different roles can create/change employees’ schedules, approve time-off and open shift requests, update employees’ cost data, run reports, and much more.

  • Automatically sum up employees’ work hours and costs; calculate overtime, on-call, time off, and shift premium pays; and provide detailed time card and cost reports.

  • Avoid grievances and ensure compliance with collective bargaining agreements, HR policies, and labor and working time regulations.

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Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and accessible to employees whether at work or at home, Snap Schedule’s self-service features cut scheduling and administrative time by making your employees more pro-active in the process.

  • See shift assignments, time-off, shift trades, as well as co-workers’ work schedules.
  • Make time off/vacation requests, and schedulers can track, manage, approve, or deny those requests.
  • Self-scheduling with Open Shifts
  • Trade/pick up shifts between employees with or without a scheduler’s approval.
  • Employees can punch in and out of their assigned shifts and schedulers can see the punch data in real-time.
  • View time card information including planned and actual work hours for the current, previous, or next payroll cycle.
  • Save time and stay up-to-date by allowing employees to update their own contact information and availability to work.
  • Look up coworker’s contact information to call, text, or email.
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