Open Shift Details

Open Shift Details

The Open Shift Details report shows detailed information on open shift assignments and bids received, organized by date for each day in the report date range. By default, this report displays all open shifts for the current date and sorts the bids by received dates.

The report contains the following fields:

Report Header Information: Your business name, report title, the range of dates covered in the report, and the sort order. You can selectively hide these fields using the command.

Shift Header Information: The shift header contains the shift description, default start time, default end time, shift location, and paid hours.

Open Shift Requirements: This section shows the required position, the number of employees, the number of bids received, and how many bids are approved, rejected, and still pending. Required skills, reasons, and notes, if any, are also displayed.

Bids Received - Date: The date when the open shift request is received.

Bids Received - Time: The time when the open shift request is received.

Bids Received - Employee Name: The employee name as a hyperlink. Clicking this link will bring up the Employee's record to let you view and make changes if needed.

Bids Received - Employee Code: The employee code.

Bids Received - Bid Status: The status of the bid request in the approval cycle.

Bids Received - Bid Notes: Any notes that were entered during the approval cycle.