Open Shifts and Open Shift Bids

While shift trades can only be created and bid on (requested to work) by employees, open shifts are only created by schedulers but can still be bid on by employees. To restrict employee access to open shifts, configure the open shift bidding policy in the Employee Access Settings.

Creating and managing an open shift posting:

Use the Shift Coverage Planner to determine whether additional open shifts are required for each position. Then, you can use the Shift View to create an open shift for a certain employee position. Right click on a cell under the date and shift you would like and select Create open shift to create an open shift, selecting a position. Alternatively, you can click Create open shift from the menu bar or drag-and-drop a position from the chooser into a selected cell in the Shift View.

Once the posting is created, it is shown in the Shift View with dashed lines around the border. You can configure what is to be displayed in this box by clicking  .

To modify an open shift posting:

  1. From the Shift View, double click the open shift posting. Alternatively, from the Scheduler Dashboard or the Open Shift Bids list under the Activities tab, you can double click an open shift bid.

  2. You can adjust the open shift's start/end times and the unpaid duration by clicking Adjust. Check the On call shift checkbox to make the open shift an on-call shift.

  3. From the Shift Requirements tab, you can also modify the employee position, required number of employees to work the open shift, a skill that they must possess, a reason for the open shift assignment, and any notes that might pertain to the open shift.

Handling open shift bids

Once the posting is created, qualified employees can use any of the remote access applications to view the open shift posting and bid on the open shift. The scheduler can then review, approve, and reject these open shift bids from either the Scheduler Dashboard, the Shift View, or the Open Shift Bids list under the Schedule tab.

To add a new open shift bid, click Add from the Employee Bids tab and choose one of your employees to submit a bid for.

To edit an existing bid, select the bid that you want to edit from the Employee Bids tab, click Edit, and modify the notes that pertain to the bid.

To remove a bid, select the bid that you want to remove from the Employee Bids tab and click Remove.

To approve a bid, select the bid that you want to approve from the Employee Bids tab and click Approve. When a bid is approved, the approved employee will automatically receive a shift assignment for the open shift and the bid status is set to Approved.

To reject a bid, select the bid that you want to reject from the Employee Bids tab and click Reject. When a bid is rejected, it's status is set to Rejected and the open shift will remain open to qualified employees. However, the rejected employee's open shift list will display a  and no shift assignment is generated for that employee.