Setting Up Online Access for Employees

The Employee Access add-on subscription allows employees to log in from the web or from any mobile device and review their schedules, update their availability, bid on open shifts, request time off, punch in/out, and more. ERA only requires an Internet connection in order to work. Before you can enable remote access for employees, you must purchase the Employee Remote Access (ERA) Add-on in addition to your Snap Schedule 365 subscription. You are encouraged to configure the employee access settings before enabling Employee Remote Access for your employees.

To enable ERA for an employee:

  1. From the Manage tab, click Employees.

  2. Double-click on your desired employee, or click your desired employee and then click .

  3. Click on Remote Access.

  4. Check the Employee is allowed to access schedule data remotely checkbox. Similarly, you can uncheck this box if you want to deny ERA for this employee.

  5. Enter a password for this employee and then type the same password into the Verify password text box. The employee can change his password any time they desire but must have an initial password first.

  6. Click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to cancel the process.

To notify employees how to access their schedules:

  1. Make sure that every ERA employee has a valid email address.

  2. Send emails to the employees. You can prepare a single email and send each employee their respective login credentials. We recommend copying/pasting the following email template into your email:

Below is the information you will need to access your employee portal for the new scheduling program, Snap Schedule 365. You can access this portal from an Android or iOS device by installing the Snap Schedule 365 Employee application. You can also access the same app functionality from virtually any device with a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and others. Below are the links to download the free apps from the Google Play store and iTunes store, as well as the login page for web browser access.
Google Play store:
iTunes store:
Windows login page: 
You will need the following information to login:
Companycode: THIS IS THE CODE YOU CREATED WHEN YOU STARTED YOUR FREE TRIAL. Enter it here before sending the email.
Employee Code: [CUSTOM_COLUMN_WIDTHS EmployeeCode=6]
Password: The default password is "password". Please change your password when you log in for the first time.
NOTE: The menu button in the upper left corner will provide you with all of your current options in the system.