Assignment Conflict Flags

For each shift assignment displayed in any of the schedule views, Snap Schedule 365 performs a set of conflict checks to determine if an assignment conflicts with other shift assignments, time off, employee availability, employee work hour limits, and other work schedules. Snap Schedule 365 also performs a set of conflict checks on each task assignment displayed in the Task View by Employee to determine if the task assignment conflicts with other task assignments within the shift or if the task assignment conflicts with the shift requirements. You can specify the validation checks you would like the system to perform and select the color of each resulting error flag in the Schedule Validation Settings.

When a conflict check detects an exception, Snap Schedule 365 displays a at the upper right corner of the assignment cell in the color specified for the conflict check. To see the warning message, you can double-click the assignment cell and read the warning message(s). Alternatively, you can right-click on the assignment cell and click Edit to read the warning message(s).