Calculating On-Call Pay

On-call pay is a compensation for employees who are required to be on-call and usually must show up at work on short notice if the need arises. Snap Schedule 365 provides a very flexible scheme to handle practically all types of on-call pay through the use of shift premium policies. You can define as many policies as you like. Each policy allows you to specify how the on-call pay will be calculated and whether or not Snap Schedule 365 should include on-call pay in overtime computations. You can then associate a shift premium policy to a particular shift and all employees who are on-call for that shift will be subject to the on-call pay policy.

You can specify up to three rules for on-call pay calculation in a policy. On call pay can be:

For example, some employee Steve is scheduled to work 40 hours in one week on the day shift at an hourly rate of $20 per hour. On Saturday, you need Steve to be on-call for 8 hours for the day shift. Employees who are asked to be on-call are compensated at $5 for each on-call hour. Steve's on-call pay for the week would be:

$40 = $5 per hour * 8 hours

This on-call pay is in addition to Steve's regular pay of $800 ($20 per hour * 40 hours), so Steve's total labor cost for the week is $840.