Defining Shift Premium Policies

Shift premium policies are used to provide additional details when calculating pay that is not regularly given to an employee. You can define a list of commonly used shift premium policies and select one or more from the list when you want to associate them with a shift.

To add a new shift premium policy:

  1. From the Manage tab, click Shift Premium Policies. Then, click

  2. Enter the required code and description for the shift premium policy and click Save.

Shift Premiums and On-Call Pay

A shift premium is extra pay given to an employee. The following options can be configured in both the Shift Premiums section of the Shift Premiums tab and the On-call Pay section of the On-Call Pay tab:

Shift Premium Policy Applicability

It is important to define the days, times of day, and shifts that shift premiums apply to. You can specify whether or not shift premiums apply to overtime exempt employees, and for both shift premiums and on-call pay, you can check the respective boxes to Include [pay] in employees' overtime calculations.

You can apply shift premium policies to only particular shifts. Under the Applicable Shifts tab, check each box under Associated that corresponds with the shift on the left.

You can also apply shift premium policies to shifts assigned only on particular days of the week and even particular dates. Under the Applicable Days tab, check each box corresponding to a day of the week. Enter as many dates as you desire into the text box.

You can even apply shift premium policies to certain times of day when an employee is working. Under the Applicable Times tab, check the check box and enter the start/end times for the shift premium policy.