Generating a Schedule

Once you have successfully defined a schedule plan, you can generate shift assignments for each team based on the schedule plan.

To generate a schedule:

  1. Click Schedule and then Generate Schedule from the Auto Schedule menu option.

  2. Select a schedule plan from the drop-down list. The schedule plan will then be displayed. Click Next.

  3. Choose a Start Date where the schedule plan will begin.

  4. Specify a number of Cycles to Generate. This is the number of schedule plan duplicates to generate.

  5. Specify whether or not all existing shift assignments for the period will be deleted, i.e. from the Start Date thru the End Date. Shift assignments prior to the Start Date or after the End Date will not be deleted.

  6. Specify whether or not all non-working/non-visible will be skipped or included during schedule generation. Click Next.

  7. Important information will be displayed and should be reviewed. Click Finish to generate shift assignments for each team of employees.