Selecting an Employee for the Shift

If you have a shift that needs to be filled, you can use the Daily View by Shift or the Shift View to select a qualified employee to fill the shift. Alternatively, if you subscribed to Employee Remote Access, you can create open shifts for your employees to bid on (request to work), rather than you having to find a qualified employee to fill an open shift.

To select an employee for a shift:

  1. In the Daily View by Shift or the Shift View, right click on a cell and select Shift Assignment, then click Select employee. Alternatively, from the toolbar you can click the drop-down arrow next to , and click Select an employee for the shift.

  2. The shift date, name, length, time, number of employees assigned and number of paid hours is shown. You can look for employees:
  3. Click Find available employees. A list of qualified employees is shown.

  4. Check the box in the Select column for an employee in the list, and click Save to assign that employee (or multiple employees if selected) to the shift. The schedule view will instantly update with the new shift assignments.