Defining Shifts

Shift is the term used in Snap Schedule 365 to describe the divisions of work in a day. You can use shifts to describe divisions of labor, responsibilities or any other categories of work you would like to assign to your employees. Each shift has a start time, an end time, a work location, and applicable days of the week. Shifts may overlap one another but they may not be longer than 24 hours. Additionally, you can define custom data fields to keep track of anything you choose about a shift.

Shifts are very flexible in Snap Schedule 365. You can define as many shifts of any duration as you like and you can deactivate shifts that you no longer use. The most common shifts are Day, Evening, and Night shifts. Full-time shifts are normally defined to be eight hours, part-time shifts are anything less than eight hours. A contiguous shift is one in which there is no break specifically scheduled.

Each shift must have a start time, an end time, a location, and applicable days of the week. Optionally, you can define applicable shift categories and shift assignment reasons to group and filter shifts for reporting purposes. Additionally, you can define up to 25 custom data fields to keep track of anything you choose about a shift.

To add a new shift:

Applicable Days of the Week

Applicable Dates

Shift premium policies

Check/uncheck the check boxes under the Shift Premium Policies tab to associate/disassociate shift premium policies with the shift if you would like to offer additional compensation for employees working this shift.

Contact Info

Enter the contact information for the primary contact of this shift, if applicable.

Additional Info

Optionally, you can enter a list of network IP addresses for the shift. These can be used when you want employees to only punch in/out from the specified IP addresses. After each IP address, enter a comma followed by a space  (“, “) to delimit each entry.

Snap Schedule 365 gives you the option to enter information about a circular geo-fence that employees using Employee Remote Access must be physically within bounds of in order to punch in/out of shifts assignments. The latitude and longitude values are the geo-coordinates of the center of the shift's circular geo-fence. You can click Calculate from contact information to get latitude/longitude values based on the shift's address. The radius is half of the width of the circular geo-fence.

Custom Fields

The Custom Fields tab displays the 25 custom employee fields in the employee record. Snap Schedule 365 allows you to configure up to ten text fields, five number fields, five date fields, and five checkbox fields. To configure these fields, click the button from the employee list. Setting values in each of these fields helps you identify and track unique aspects that are important to your particular business. Simply leave the field blank if you do not wish to enter any information in the field.