Business Information Settings

After you create a new database, it is important that you enter configuration settings such as calendar settings, overtime pay rules, work period settings, and the basic information about your company that will appear on reports and other documents. In general, you need to define these settings only once, but from time to time, you may need to review and update them as required.


From the Admin tab, click System Settings, then click Business Information.



Company Code: Your company code, which is unique across Snap Schedule 365.

Business Name: The name of your business.

Address: Your company's postal address.

City: The city where your company is located.

State: The state where your company is located.

Postal Code: Your company's postal code.

Country Code: Your company's country code (such as US, EU, CA, etc.).

Home: Your business' home phone number.

Work: Your business' work phone number.

Mobile: The mobile phone number of a representative in your business.

Other phone: An alternative phone number for your business.

Fax: Your business' fax number.

Email: Your business' email address(es). Click on to send an email to these email address(es) from your default mail program.