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Long-term care facilities and skilled nursing homes will continue to face more regulations and audits related to direct care hours per patient day (HPPD). Invest in smart scheduling software like Snap Schedule to maintain compliance, maximize productivity, and minimize labor costs and staff turnover.

Snap Schedule makes it easy to schedule your staff, fill open shifts, and maintain your HPPD staffing levels to deliver high-quality patient care. Eliminate scheduling woes and excess labor costs and stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Snap Schedule makes it easy for you to focus on what matters – your patients..

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    Know Your HPPD

    You know that boosting hour-per-patient-day (HPPD) ratios is critical for improving CMS Star Ratings and avoiding regulatory enforcement fines.

    As patient census can change daily, you need to know the HPPD for each job code when scheduling your employees to ensure adequate staffing. With Snap Schedule’s interactive dashboard, you can see the HPPD in real time for each staff position, what the patient census is, and more.

    Fill shifts faster!

    Changes in scheduling are inevitable! Filling open shifts with qualified employees does not have to be difficult, whether it’s at the last minute or weeks ahead of time.

    The Open Shift Opportunity feature in Snap Schedule lets you specify the number of employees needed for the shifts, by skills/positions, and other criteria. Snap Schedule instantly generates a list of qualified employees for the shifts based on the employee’s work schedule, hours worked, availability, etc.

    In a few clicks, you can have Snap Schedule automatically contact and offer the shifts to the employees on the list. Your employees can accept or decline a shift online or by using the employee app. It’s that easy!

    Be audit ready with compliance support!

    Snap Schedule nursing homes scheduling software provides the framework and data you need to meet state and federal reporting and compliance requirements for nursing homes. You’ll have instant access to all of the info you need for the Department of Public Health (DPH) audits and CMS reporting.

    • Built-in direct care hours per patient day (HPPD) report by floor, position, and facility.
    • Reports on all staff with their positions, skills, certifications, license expiration/verification dates, hire dates, etc.
    • Integrated scheduling & attendance tracking provide accurate data on shifts scheduled and actual hours worked for each staff by job code & labor category.

    features at a glance

    No-conflict scheduling

    Drag-and-drop or auto-generate shift schedules for an unlimited number of nurses, departments, and shifts. Support fixed, rotating, split, multiple shifts, time off, and on calls.

    Tasks & breaks scheduling

    Effortlessly schedule multiple tasks, duties, and breaks of any length in a single shift. Ensure adequate coverage by skills, positions and proactively manage break and rest compliance.

    Time clock & attendance

    Clock in/out of work on a mobile device or via an on-site iPad. Record work hours, on-call, and attendance for accurate payroll and payroll-based reporting.

    Leave & time off accruals

    Set up different leave types, reasons, and accrual rates. Avoid accidentally scheduling on-leave nurses. Employees can see their leave balance and request time off on the go.

    Ensure shift coverage

    Show the number of nurses and staff scheduled in each shift by positions, skills, or reasons. Establish minimum acceptable staffing levels. Flag over or under staffed positions or skills while making shift assignments. Provide multiple options for identifying who are qualified to bid on open shifts.

    Schedule by skills sets & certifications

    Define skills/certifications and associate them with employees. Identify and schedule the right mix of employees to deliver quality care. Fill a shift based on the required skills and positions.


    Nurses and staff can check their schedule, bid on open shifts, request PTO, pick up extra hours by replying to open shifts and shift swap shifts with co-workers. Management can approve or reject shift swaps and PTO requests and the employee is immediately notified.

    Employee communication

    Keep teams in sync and notify employees when work schedules have changed. Notify nurses when open shifts are created and available. Alert schedulers when employees request time off, bid on an open shift, or accept a shift trade.

    Automated shift callouts

    Promote fairness, reduce grievances, and stay in compliance by enforcing callout rules and equalizing overtime opportunities. Receive and respond to callout and scheduling notifications via automated phone calls or SMS texting.

    Labor cost control

    Sum up in real time employee’ planned and actual work hours. Handle all types of regular, on-call, overtime, shift premium, and incentive pays. Generate time cards for payroll based on either planned or recorded work hours.

    Extensive reports

    Unlock the hidden value of workforce data with 61 built-in reports to uncover insightful labor patterns, trends, and outliers. Easily pull reports for HPPD, PBJ and DPH compliance audits. Export data to various file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML.

    Anywhere, anytime access

    Employees can access their schedules online, view leave balance, request time off, bid on, trade, pick up shifts, punch in/out, and update availability. Android and iOS employee scheduling apps are available.

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