Punch Records by Location

Location Punch Records

The Punch Records by Location report displays employees' punched in/out times vs. scheduled times at each shift location for a specific report date range. By default, daily punch records for the last week are displayed, organized by location, and sorted by date. The Document Map shows the tree view of the locations covered in the report. Clicking any of the location names will position the report to the section that shows activity details for that location.

For each location, this report displays a detail line for each employee scheduled to work at the location. Each line shows the date, shift description, shift location, scheduled start and end times, the punch in/out times, and the total work hours computed from punch in/out times.

The report contains the following fields:

Report Header Information: Your business name, report title, the range of dates covered in the report, and the sort order. You can selectively hide these fields using the command.

Location Header Information: Information about the location. Each header contains the location name and location code. Clicking the location name hyperlink will bring up the location's record to let you view and make changes if needed.

Date: Date when the employee has at least a shift assignment.

Shift: The shift assigned to the employee for the day. On call shift assignments are not included as they do not have associated punch records.

Employee: The employee name.

Scheduled - Starts: The time when the shift is scheduled to start.

Scheduled - Ends: The time when the shift is scheduled to end.

Punch - In: The time when the employee punched in to work the shift. This field is also a hyperlink which can be used to bring up the form that will display the punch records for the shift. When there are multiple punch in/out instances, this field will show the time of the first punch in.

Punch - Out: The last recorded punch out time for the shift. When an out punch is missing in a shift, a question mark in red color will be displayed.

Punch - Hours: The total hours computed from punch in/out times. If a shift has been punched in but is missing an out punch, a best estimate will be presented and a question mark in red color will be displayed to indicate that the data is not reliable. For example, if an employee punched in at 7AM, punched out at 9AM, punched in again at 10AM, and never punched out, the work hours will show 2 hours.