Defining Locations

A location refers to a physical area or facility where employees are scheduled to work like a building, an assembly line, or a patrol route. Locations are used by both shifts and employees. Shifts must be worked at a certain location. You can define a list of locations and select one from the list when you are editing or creating a shift. Employees must have a home location (where he/she usually works) and one or more authorized locations where he/she can work. Snap Schedule 365 will display a when you schedule an employee to work at a location where the employee is not authorized to work. You can also define custom data fields for and group/filter employees and shifts by your locations.

To add a location:

  1. From the Manage tab, click Locations. Then, click .

  2. Specify whether or not the location is active by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

  3. Enter the required code and description for the location.

  4. Optionally, you can enter free-form notes about the location.

Location Contact Information

Additional Info

Optionally, you can enter a list of network IP addresses for the location. These can be used when you want employees to only punch in/out from the specified IP addresses. After each IP address, enter a comma followed by a space  (“, “) to delimit each entry.

Snap Schedule 365 gives you the option to enter information about a circular geo-fence that employees using Employee Remote Access must be physically within bounds of in order to punch in/out of shift assignment . The latitude and longitude values are the geo-coordinates of the center of the location's circular geo-fence. You can click Calculate from contact information to get latitude/longitude values based on the location's address. The radius is half of the width of the circular geo-fence.

To authorize employees to work at a location:

  1. Click the Authorized Employees tab.

  2. Check/uncheck the Authorized check box to the right of each employee to authorize the employee to work at the location.

  3. Check/uncheck the Home check box to the right of each employee to set the location as the employee's home location.

Custom Fields

The Custom Fields tab displays the 25 custom employee fields in the employee record. Snap Schedule 365 allows you to configure up to ten text fields, five number fields, five date fields, and five checkbox fields. To configure these fields, click the button from the employee list. Setting values in each of these fields helps you identify and track unique aspects that are important to your particular business. Simply leave the field blank if you do not wish to enter any information in the field.