Task Assignment Details by Employee

Employee Task Assignments Details

The Task Assignment Details by Employee report displays the tasks assigned to each employee along with task start time, end time, and duration for a specific report date range. For each employee, this report displays task assignments for each day, grouped by shifts, one task per line. By default, all employee task assignments for the current date are displayed, organized by employee, and sorted by date. The Document Map shows the tree view of the employees covered in the report. Clicking any of the employee names will position the report to the section that shows task assignment details for that employee.

The report contains the following fields:

Report Header Information: Your business name, report title, and the range of dates covered in the report. You can selectively hide these fields using the command.

Employee Header Information: Information about the employee. Each header contains the employee name, employee code, job position, team, and the employee's home location. Clicking the employee name hyperlink will bring up the Employee's record to let you view and make changes to it if needed.

Task Code: Task identification code.

Task Description/Notes: Description of the task and notes. Task notes, when available, will be shown on a separate line.

Task Starts: The time when the task is scheduled to start.

Ends: The time when the task is scheduled to end.

Length: The task duration.

Total Shift Hours: The duration of the shift assignment.