Defining Tasks

Tasks are used to specify items that an employee must complete within a shift. You can define a list of tasks and then schedule them in the Task View by Employee or Task View by Task. You can also define custom data field values for tasks.

To add a new task:

  1. From the Manage tab, click Tasks. Then, click

  2. Enter the required code and description for the task.

  3. You can specify whether or not the task is active by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

  4. Select the earliest time that the task can start and the latest time that a task can end from the corresponding drop-down list.

  5. Select a default task duration in hours and minutes.

  6. You can specify whether or not the task can be assigned to an employee more than once during a shift by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

  7. Optionally, you can select a task category for the task.

  8. Select a color for the task. This helps you differentiate tasks within a shift.

  9. Optionally, you can enter free-form notes about task.

Authorizing employees to be assigned to a task:

From the Authorized Employees tab, check/uncheck the Authorized checkbox that corresponds with the employee(s) that you would like to authorize to be assigned the task.

Contact Info

Enter the contact information for the primary contact of this task, if applicable.

Custom Fields

The Custom Fields tab displays the 25 custom employee fields in the employee record. Snap Schedule 365 allows you to configure up to ten text fields, five number fields, five date fields, and five checkbox fields. To configure these fields, click the button from the employee list. Setting values in each of these fields helps you identify and track unique aspects that are important to your particular business. Simply leave the field blank if you do not wish to enter any information in the field.