Managing Schedulers

Schedulers are users of Snap Schedule 365 that can be granted certain permissions through roles. When creating a new database, Snap Schedule 365 will ask you to set up an initial scheduler account to be used to log on to the database for the first time. This scheduler account will be assigned the Administrator role which can be used to create additional schedulers and roles. Additionally, you must create a scheduler account for each person who will be logging on to use Snap Schedule 365. To purchase more Snap Schedule 365 schedulers, visit for more information.

To create a new scheduler:

  1. Check if you are able to create a new scheduler. You can navigate to the Scheduler Dashboard and click on Subscription Information to compare the number of schedulers licensed to the number of schedulers enrolled.

  2. In the Admin tab, click Schedulers. Then, click .

  3. Fill in the user name, email address, first/last names, and role of the scheduler.

  4. Click Create to create the scheduler and send a confirmation email to the email address that you specified.

Editing an existing scheduler

Snap Schedule 365 allows you to modify settings such as the role, notes, contact information, and authorized locations for schedule access of each scheduler that you create. You can also modify your own scheduler password. From the schedulers list, double-click on your desired scheduler or click .

  1. Choose an item in the Role drop-down list. A scheduler can only have one role.

  2. Enter any free-form notes about the scheduler. There is no limit to the amount of text that you can input.

  3. Click on Contact Info. You can then input any of the following fields into the text boxes that appear:
  4. Click Schedule Data Access. By default, the This user can access scheduling data for all current and newly-created locations checkbox is checked. If you would like to specify the locations for which the scheduler is allowed to access, uncheck this box.

  5. A list of locations will appear. Under the Authorized table header, you can check each location that you would like the scheduler to be able to access. Alternatively, you can click Check All to check all locations in this list, or Clear All to uncheck all locations in this list.

  6. Click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to return the scheduler list and discard the changes you made to this scheduler.

To modify your scheduler password:

  1. Click on in the menu bar to take you to the Scheduler Dashboard.

  2. Under Account Information at the lower right hand side of the screen, click Subscription Information.

  3. At the very bottom of the pop up window, click Change Password.

  4. Type in your existing password, then your new password, and then finally a confirmation of your new password.

  5. Click OK to save the new password in the system. If your new password and the confirmation password do not match, retype the confirmation password so that it matches your new password.

Removing an existing scheduler

When a scheduler is no longer authorized to access Snap Schedule 365, you can permanently remove that scheduler by deleting the scheduler account.

To delete a scheduler account:

  1. In the Admin tab, click Schedulers.

  2. Click on the scheduler that you would like to delete, then click .

  3. Because this is an irreversible process, Snap Schedule 365 will ask you to confirm the action. Click Yes to proceed with the deletion, or click No to cancel the deletion.