Defining Scheduler To-Do Items

To-do items are tasks that schedulers must do. Each open to-do item appears in the Scheduler Dashboard under To Do's. You can define a list of to do items and then change their status to either Completed or Postponed when handled.

To add a new to-do item:

  1. From the Activities tab, click To Do's. Then, click

  2. By default, the to-do item has a status of Open because the item has not yet been completed. You can change the status of the to-do item to either Completed or Postponed when necessary.

  3. Optionally, you can Reference an employee that is associated with the to-do item.

  4. Enter a due date for this to-do item if the item must be completed before a certain date. Leave this field blank if no due date is required.

  5. When the to-do item is completed, enter a date of completion. You can enter the completion date while you are creating the to-do item if you desire.

  6. Optionally, you can enter any free-form notes about the to-do item. These are especially helpful because they provide specific information that might not be able to fit in the description of the to-do item.