Defining Shift Assignment Reasons

Shift assignment reasons are used to provide additional details and explanations when making a shift assignment and if you need to select an employee to fill a shift. You can define a list of commonly used reasons and select one from the list when you want to add details to a shift assignment. This way, you save time and the reasons can be used to group and filter shift assignments.

To add a new shift assignment reason:

  1. From the Manage tab, click Shift Assignment Reasons. Then, click

  2. Enter the required code and description for the shift assignment reason.

  3. Optionally, you can enter a display sort order value to affect the placement of the reason in the shift assignment reasons drop-down list. This is helpful when you have a large number of shift assignment reasons and would like to place the most frequently used reason at the top of the list to minimize scrolling.

  4. By default, the shift assignment reason icon is shown on the schedule views in black. You can change the display color of the shift assignment reason to help you differentiate the various shift assignment reasons.