The Task View by Employee



In addition to shift scheduling, Snap Schedule 365 lets you schedule tasks within an employee's shift. You can accomplish this by first assigning a shift to an employee, then scheduling the employee to perform various tasks during the shift while in the Task View by Employee.

The Task View by Employee lists in the leftmost column all employees working on the selected date and presents task assignments for each employee on the selected shifts.

The time blocks of the Task View by Employee are listed in the topmost row. Since the start and end times for individual employee shift assignments may be adjusted from the default shift start and end times, the overall time window starts with the earliest shift assignment start time and ends with the latest shift assignment end time so that all employee shift assignments will be visible.

The task and shift hours scheduled for each employee are automatically updated and shown in the rightmost column. The Task Chooser is also displayed and allows you to sort/filter the tasks that appear in that list.

The Employee Task Graph is docked at the bottom of the Task View by Employee and compares the number of employees currently working and the number of tasks assigned in each time block. You can click Configure to show/hide the tasks to be included in both the employee task graph and the Task View Employee. Check/uncheck No task assigned to show/hide the number of working employees not scheduled to perform any tasks in a time block. Hover the mouse over the employee task graph to find the total number of employees assigned to perform tasks in a time block. The time of day will also be displayed in the popup box.

For each employee, Snap Schedule 365 draws a solid color shift bar representing the shift and its start/end times. The blank (white) areas indicate the time periods that the employee is not scheduled to work. Tasks assigned to an employee are shown on a shift bar as blank (white) blocks with a color-coded top border to indicate the task. These blocks can be dragged and dropped to other cells of the Task View.

Assigning tasks to employees

There are four ways in which you can assign tasks to employees:

  1. Drag a task from the Task Chooser and drop it into the colored cells within the Task View by Employee.

  2. With cell(s) selected, select a task in the Task Chooser, and click Assign Task.

  3. Right-click cell(s) and click Assign Task, choosing a task.

  4. With cell(s) selected, click in the toolbar and choose a task to assign.

  5. In any schedule view, click a shift assignment that you would like to assign a task to. From the Task View by Employee, you can simply click one of the colored boxes within the view. Navigate over to Task Information and click Add to assign a new task.

As you make task assignments, Snap Schedule 365 will sum up and display shift and task hours for each employee in the rightmost column and alert you of any scheduling conflicts.

Reassigning tasks to employees

The Task View by Employee allows you to reassign tasks that are already assigned to an employee. Much like selecting an employee to fill a shift, this tool allows you to select an employee to perform a task.

  1. Select task(s) and click  next to then click Reassign Task in the menu bar. Alternatively, you can right-click on a task and click Reassign Task. Some important date, employee, shift, and task information appear.

    1. Under Selection criteria, you can choose to search for employees who are:
      • authorized to perform the task,
      • currently punched in,
      • work at specific locations, and/or
      • work specific shifts
    2. Click Find Available Employees and choose an employee from the list that appears.

    3. Click Yes to reassign the task assignment to the employee you selected and remove the task from the original employee.

Modifying Task Assignment Duration and Notes

There are two ways in which you can modify an employee's task assignments:

  1. In any schedule view, click a shift assignment that you would like to assign a task to. From the Task Information tab, you can simply click one of the tasks from the list, modify its related info, and click Save.

  2. In the Task View by Employee, double-click a task assignment. Modify its related info, and click Save.

In addition to assigning tasks, there are many ways you can distribute and publish schedules that include task assignments. You can print the Daily Task Assignments report to publish the employee task assignments for each shift, organized by date, for each day in the report date range. You can also print the Task Assignment Details by Employee and Task Assignment Summary by Employee reports to track detailed and summary task assignment data for each employee. The Task Hours by Employee Position report provides a breakdown of task hours performed by each employee position over a specific time period.