Nurse Scheduling Software

Online nurse scheduling software helps managers/administrators schedule nurses, pools of staff, and multiple departments more efficiently than manual, paper-based, or Excel spreadsheet scheduling. Start using Snap Schedule as your nurse scheduling tool today.

Does nurse scheduling and filling open shifts take up too much of your time? Whether you work at a medical clinic, outpatient center, or large hospital, staff scheduling and work schedule management presents many challenges. Creating a work schedule for nurses, physicians and their staff that is fair and efficient is not easy. Every job must be filled by a nurse with the right skills and certifications. Schedulers must also take into account the availability of qualified personnel, preferences for particular days, shifts, locations, and regulatory and union requirements. Regulatory and union requirements often govern the number of work hours as well as the minimum time off between shifts.

Hours per patient day (HPPD) is a common metric used as a way to monitor and improve quality of care and service. Government regulations in some regions mandate nurse-to-patient ratios and healthcare organizations must prove, by means of staffing reports, that they are meeting, or trying to meet the ratios. as well as the minimum wage and overtime pay of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Snap Schedule online scheduling software helps solve these challenges. It is packed with powerful shift scheduling features and gives you instant access to key decision-making criteria, including staffing requirements, regular, overtime and on-call hours, labor costs, employee skills and certifications, employee availability and preferences, and more.

The complete nurse scheduling software solution

No-conflict scheduling

Drag-and-drop or auto-generate shift schedules for an unlimited number of nurses and shifts. Support fixed, rotating, split, multiple shifts, time off, and on calls.

Tasks & breaks scheduling

Effortlessly schedule multiple tasks, duties, and breaks of any length in a single shift. Ensure adequate coverage by skills, positions and proactively manage break and rest compliance.

Time clock & attendance

Clock in/out of work on a mobile device or via an on-site iPad. Record work hours, on-call, and attendance for accurate payroll. 

Leave & time off accruals

Set up different leave types, reasons, and accrual rates. Avoid accidentally scheduling on-leave nurses. Nurses can see their leave balance and request time off on the go.

Ensure shift coverage

Show the number of nurses scheduled in each shift by positions, skills, or reasons. Flag over or under staffed positions or skills while making shift assignments.

Schedule by skills / positions

Define skills/certifications and associate them with nurses. Fill a shift based on the required skills and positions. Provide multiple options for identifying who are qualified to bid on open shifts.


Nurses and staff can check their schedule, determine what shifts work for them and which don’t, request PTO, pick up extra hours by replying to open shifts and shift swap shifts with co-workers.

Employee communication

Keep teams in sync and notify employees when work schedules have changed. Notify nurses when open shifts are created and available. Alert schedulers when nurses request time off, bid on an open shift, or accept a shift trade.

Automated shift callouts

Promote fairness, reduce grievances, and stay in compliance by enforcing callout rules and equalizing overtime opportunities. Receive and respond to callout and scheduling notifications via automated phone calls or SMS texting.

Labor cost control

Sum up in real time nurse’ planned and actual work hours. Handle all types of regular, on-call, overtime, shift premium, and incentive pays. Generate time cards for payroll based on either planned or recorded work hours.

Extensive reports

Unlock the hidden value of workforce data with 61 built-in reports. Uncover insightful labor patterns, trends, outliers and tracking HPPD goals. Export data to various file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML.

Anywhere, anytime access

Nurses can access their schedules online, view leave balance, request time off, bid on, trade, pick up shifts, punch in/out, and update availability. Android and iOS employee scheduling apps are available.

More time for patient care. See how.

“Now with Snap Schedule, it is extremely easy for me to quickly implement any requested changes and generate the new schedule. I can just click and drag in order to swap shifts. In no time at all I can have an up-to- date schedule ready. I no longer have to retype entire schedules, like I had done in the past using the old system, saving me a lot of time and tons of stress.”
Chris Jones, SEMO Health Network
“The hours I save are tremendous and that is still improving. I can spend more time with patients. Even though a clinic’s dynamic conditions force us to constantly tweak schedules, I still save 50 percent of the previous time spent in scheduling.”
Claudia Foster-Olson MD, The Vancouver Clinic

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