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Snap Schedule police scheduling software let you easily schedule police officers and law enforcement personnel. It reduces scheduling issues that lead to increased overtime, costs, grievances, and lost time.  Transform your time-consuming, manual ways of shift scheduling into effortless workforce management today and have more time to serve your community’s needs.

Easy & Affordable Law Enforcement Scheduling Software

Shift scheduling for police & law enforcement agencies varies depending on community needs. A variety of challenges makes effective scheduling of sworn law enforcement officers and civilian employees very difficult. Employees of police departments and law enforcement agencies work around the clock on many different schedules with varying hours. Specific officers must be scheduled on certain shifts based on responsibility levels, training requirements and specialty assignments. Factoring in minimum staffing requirements, sick time, vacation time, court time, overtime, and unforeseen absences is labor-intensive and costly mistakes are frequently made.

Ensuring that the right officers with the right skills are deployed to the right posts at the right time will provide the required level of services, avert risks, and minimize potential liability. Filling open beat shifts, overtime, shift trade, and outside work detail scheduling while ensuring that the proper requirements are met for respective collective bargaining agreements and MOU’s (e.g., vacation banked leave, comp time, holidays, PERS, and much more) can be time consuming for commanders and first line supervisors – work hours that can be redirected toward more critical supervisory functions.

Snap Schedule law enforcement scheduling software solves these problems and streamlines the scheduling workflow and interactions among employees and supervisors in police departments, sheriff’s offices, security organizations, campus police, and law enforcement agencies. It combines anywhere access, shift schedule automation, time clock, payroll integration, reliable statistics, and robust reporting functionality into an easy to use scheduling software solution. Commanders and supervisors can manage schedules and make real-time changes from anywhere and Snap Schedule instantly alert the affected staff of the changes. Officers and staff can access the self-service features anytime on mobile apps or web browsers to request time off, offer overtime, pickup/trade shifts, clock in/out, review notifications and messages, view schedules, change availability and profile information, and much more.

Having problems with call out for overtime or open shifts? Snap Schedule law enforcement scheduling software uses a rule-based callout system to analyze scheduling information in its database like employee’s work schedules, hours worked, seniority, availability, etc. and generate a ranked list of qualified employees in accordance with the criteria set forth in the callout rules. With a few clicks, you can tell Snap Schedule when and how to automatically contact the employees on the ranked list until the required number of employees is filled. Your employees can accept or decline a shift by text message or voice phone and the interaction is instantly updated and logged for compliance auditing.

Manage police and law enforcement scheduling with one tool

No-conflict scheduling

Drag-and-drop or auto-generate shift schedules for an unlimited number of officers, support personnel and shifts. Support fixed, rotating, split, multiple shifts, time off, and on calls.

Tasks & breaks scheduling

Effortlessly schedule multiple tasks, duties, and breaks of any length in a single shift. Ensure adequate coverage by skills, positions and proactively manage break and rest compliance.

Time clock & attendance

Clock in/out of work on a mobile device or via an on-site iPad. Record work hours, on-call, and attendance for accurate payroll. 

Leave & time off accruals

Set up different leave types, reasons, and accrual rates. Avoid accidentally schedule on-leave officers. Employees can see their leave balance and request time off on the go.

Automated shift callouts

Promote fairness, reduce grievances, and stay in compliance by enforcing callout rules. Receive and respond to callout and scheduling notifications via automated phone calls or SMS texting.

Labor cost control

Sum up in real time employees’ planned and actual work hours. Handle all types of regular, on-call, overtime, shift premium, and incentive pays. Generate time cards for payroll based on either planned or recorded work hours.

Extensive reports

Unlock the hidden value of workforce data with 59 built-in reports. Uncover insightful labor patterns, trends, and outliers. Export data to various file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML.

Anywhere, anytime access

Officers can access their schedules online, view leave balance, request time off, bid on, trade, pick up shifts, punch in/out, and update availability. Android and iOS employee scheduling apps are available.

Ensure shift coverage

Show the number of police and law enforcement officers scheduled in each shift by positions, skills, or reasons. Flag over or under staffed positions or skills while making shift assignments.

Schedule by skills / positions

Define skills/certifications and associate them with employees. Fill a shift based on the required skills and positions. Provide multiple options for identifying who are qualified to bid on open shifts.

Unavailability & preferences

Avoid scheduling conflict with up-to-date employee’s availability and leave balance. Employees can enter their availability and desired work hours.

Employee communication

Keep teams in sync and notify officers when work schedules have changed. Notify officers when open shifts are created and available. Alert officers when employees request time off, bid on an open shift, or accept a shift trade.

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“I came across Snap Schedule online and within 2 hours I had built out my entire schedule. I was able to pick it up quickly because of how intuitive the program is.”
Lieutenant Farley, Redwood City Police Department

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