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Spending too much time on shift scheduling?

Try Snap Schedule. From schedule management to employee self-service, Snap Schedule shift scheduling apps delivers innovative features that save you time, reduce labor costs, improve productivity and promote employee work-life balance.

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Swipe, tap, or click. Snap Schedule shift scheduling app lets schedulers and managers easily manage their employees anywhere, anytime, on any device. Unlike lackluster shift scheduling apps, Snap Schedule delivers a powerful set of  features that cover every aspect of workforce management.

  • Create shift schedules in a snap

    Drag-and-drop to easily assign shifts, mark time-off, move or copy shift assignments. Track all training, vacation, sick leave, and other off-work requests.

  • Assign shifts to employees in multiple locations & areas

    Define as many locations/departments as you like and authorize your employees to work at certain locations but not others. Filter/sort shift schedules and reports based on locations.

  • Assign breaks, duties, and tasks within each shift

    Visually assign meal and rest breaks, duties, and tasks of any length from one minute to several hours with a simple drag-and-drop. Ensure coverage and comply with minimum rest requirements and break rules.

  • Find best fit employees or substitutes

    Easily find qualified and eligible employees to fill open shifts based on availability, position, skill, labor cost, work hour limits, seniority and other criteria.

  • Avoid scheduling conflicts

    Detect and alert all sorts of schedule conflicts like overlapping shifts, lacking required skills, not enough rest between shifts, or too many overtime hours. Any conflict will be clearly flagged and color-coded on schedule views.

  • Up-to-date employee availability, skill level and expiration

    Employees can enter availability information for each day of the week and restrictions that should be considered when creating and managing shift schedules. Avoid over/under staffing a shift with people you need by skills and get an alert when an employee’s skill or certification is about to expire.

  • Ensure adequate shift coverage

    Show the number of employees scheduled in each shift by position, skill, or reason so you can quickly see if any position is over/under staffed while making shift assignments.

  • Handle overtime, shift premium and incentive pay

    Flexible pay rules to compute overtime and extra pay to employees working on public holidays, certain days or hours of the day, irregular shifts, etc.

  • Comply with labor rules and collective agreements

    Avoid grievances and ensure compliance to collective bargaining agreements, HR policies, labor and working time regulations. When filling an open shift, you can use multiple criteria to narrow down the number of eligible employees to work an open shift.

  • Time sheet data for payroll

    Adjust the shift’s scheduled start and end times to reflect the actual time worked and instantly see the revised hours and costs. Add notes and reasons to record or explain deviations and provide time card data for payroll.

  • Make informed decisions based on up-to-date data

    Use a comprehensive set of 49 reports to analyze scheduling data; prepare management records; and track employee’s activities, assignments, costs, and time-offs.

  • Publish schedules

    Easily publish shift schedules, calendars, and any report online in PDF and a variety of other formats. Automatically email work schedules (in text or iCalendar file format) to employees and/or their supervisors.

Loved by employees

Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and accessible to employees whether at work or at home, Snap Schedule cuts scheduling time by making your employees more pro-active in the scheduling process. From any mobile device—or, straight from a web browser, employees will be able to:

  • See their own as well as co-workers’ shift schedules

  • Make time off/vacation requests and get notified of approval status

  • Self-schedule with Open Shifts

  • Trade/pick up shifts between employees

  • Punch in/out of their assigned shifts and view time card data

  • Update their own contact information and availability to work

  • Look up coworker’s contact information to call, text, or email

We’ll save you countless hours of frustration and stress. Let’s do it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you’re not doing OK. Count all the hours you spent last year, and will spend next year. How inflexible and time-consuming is changing the schedules when someone is out? Snap Schedule shift scheduling software saves you time by dragging and dropping rather than erasing and writing. It will also help you prevent under and over staffing, schedule conflicts, and reduce your personnel overtime and labor costs. And pencil and paper cannot let your employees access their schedules online or email shift schedules to your employees. It can’t change views to weeks, full month, and it can’t show you just Joe’s or Sue’s schedules. Doing these tasks by hand is very time consuming and difficult due to workload fluctuations, frequent special requests from employees, last minute changes, and high employee turnover. Without the right shift scheduling software tools in place, you will expend a great deal of time on these tasks — time better spent on more critical, revenue-generating activities.

Yes! Snap Schedule shift scheduling apps keep track of your employees’ availability, skills, work hour preferences and alerts you to potential scheduling conflicts. Filling an open shift or finding a replacement is easy. Simply specify your criteria and Snap Schedule shift scheduling apps will present a list of qualified employees for your shift planning purposes.

Yes. In addition to in-app notifications, the Email Schedules wizard lets you email shift assignment schedules to all or selected personnel. Each email can contain the employee’s personal schedule or schedule information of all selected employees. You have the option of including an iCalendar formatted file that contains the employee’s personal schedule so your employees can import their schedules into their calendar programs or PDAs.

Yes! Snap Schedule shift scheduling apps make it easy to find available personnel that are qualified and have been trained for the open job. You can search available qualified staff members to quickly find an available associate. Drag and drop the employee into the open shift. If any conflict arises Snap Schedule will notify you.

Yes.  Snap Schedule’s task view allows you to schedule by task, and visually displays your shift coverage throughout the day. Snap Schedule configures how many personnel are scheduled at each location at any given time of the day so you can rest assured each work station has adequate coverage. Instead of searching for where your staff members are during the day, easily view where they are tasked throughout the day in the task view.

Yes. For simple applications, reports and lists can be saved in Microsoft Excel and PDF format.  Programmers and system integrators can use the Snap Schedule Application Programming Interface (API) to access and manipulate Snap Schedule shift scheduling apps data, or to extend its functionality.

Using Excel templates for shift scheduling is definitely better than using pencil-and-paper but you get much more with Snap Schedule shift scheduling apps, considering the price you would pay for Excel and scheduling templates. Scheduling personnel is really a multi-dimensional problem that cannot be represented in a flat row and column format. There are employees, shifts, skills, and dates – and you really need to be able to view the schedule from multiple vantage points. You will spend many unnecessary hours working around Excel limitations. Unlike Snap Schedule shift scheduling apps, Excel is not specifically designed for employee shift scheduling and attendance management.

If your scheduling software is more than one year old, it probably handles less than half of what Snap Schedule does and it’s not built on tools as advanced and reliable as Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, or Microsoft Azure Cloud. This means you get a modern, seamlessly integrated shift scheduling software tool that will save you time and money.
Contrast the ease of use and thoroughness of Snap Schedule’s scheduling functions to those in your current solution. Then look at all the other tasks Snap Schedule does for you like personnel information management, emailing, overtime and labor costs monitoring, management reporting, etc. A scheduling chore that currently takes three or four minutes of your time can add up to hours. With Snap Schedule the same tasks can take mere seconds.

Snap Schedule shift scheduling software uses a perpetual calendar for shift assignments so there is no limit and you can schedule as far into the future as you need. Snap Schedule keeps all personnel, shifts, and scheduling information in a single SQL Server database file. This file will grow automatically to accommodate any shifts, holidays, vacations and time-off requests you recorded and allow you to go forward or backward in time to instantly see and assess how you are doing.

Yes. Enjoy the flexibility of setting up multiple locations and always knowing whether your locations are staffed adequately. Whether you need to set up work stations as various locations to assign personnel shifts, or a network of branches managing various locations and their respective service points you can utilize Snap Schedule’s shift scheduling software location feature. Snap Schedule’s dashboard displays a staffing overview and hours by location so there is never any guesswork or time wasted trying to manually calculate.

Yes. Shift scheduling is a multi-dimensional problem and you really need to be able to view the schedule from multiple vantage points. Snap Schedule shift scheduling software provides four graphical views to accommodate that as well as selectable date ranges within each view. The Daily view shows all shifts and time off for each employee in a specified date range. The Shift view shows employee staffing for each shift along with coverage data. The Task view lets you schedule tasks and breaks within a shift. The Calendar view presents work and time off assignments in calendar format.

Yes. With Snap Schedule’s role-based, multi-user access features, you can maintain complete control over the scheduling process by granting or denying user access to individual commands, features, and reports.