Fill Open Shifts Anytime, Anywhere with Snap Schedule

Shift scheduling software like Snap Schedule transforms old, manual ways of employee scheduling into automated workforce management processes that help companies boost productivity, drive union and labor rules compliance, and empower employees with more control over their shift schedules.

Today’s economy is going to be defined by the companies that harness technologies to transform the way they work.  This means many companies will struggle to keep up unless they move away from manual shift scheduling processes to automated workforce management.  Snap Schedule was created to address this exact problem by empowering companies with modern tools to solve shift scheduling challenges and ensuring that a full complement of workers with the required skills is available for each operational shift.

Effortless shift schedule management anywhere, any time, on any device

Loved by employees

Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and accessible to employees whether at work or at home, Snap Schedule’s self-service features cut shift scheduling and administrative time by making your employees more pro-active in the process. From any mobile device—or, straight from a web browser, employees will be able to:

  • See their own as well as co-workers’ shift schedules
  • Make time off/vacation requests and get notified of approval status
  • Self-schedule with Open Shifts
  • Trade/pick up shifts between employees
  • Punch in/out of their assigned shifts and view time card data
  • Update their own contact information and availability to work
  • Look up coworker’s contact information to call, text, or email

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What is a shift schedule?

A shift is the time period an employee is expected to be on the job and working. Businesses usually divide the day into shifts and assigns employees to work set periods of time – the shift schedule. The most common shifts are Day, Evening, and Night shifts. Sometimes, an employee’s shift schedule vary day to day or week to week (rotating schedules), while other times an employee is assigned to work a specific shift (fixed schedules).

What is shift work?

Shift work usually refers to the work that is scheduled outside the traditional 9 am – 5 pm business hours. Many industries rely heavily on shift work to operate or provide services around the clock, all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shift work is very common in transportation, law enforcement, public works, healthcare, fire and emergency medical services, security protection and hospitals.

What is open shift?

Open shifts are shifts that have not been filled or assigned to workers. When workload demands are fluctuating, open shifts are inevitable. Without the right shift scheduling software in place, staffing managers can spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to fill open shifts with the right employees. Online shift scheduling software can streamline the process by sending out open shift notifications to qualified staff or invite a specific employee, or group of employees to apply. Employee can choose when they want to work based on experience, competencies, personal preferences and job qualifications.