Snap Schedule 365 Employee Access Account Deletion Information Page

Welcome to the Snap Schedule 365 Employee Access Account Deletion Information Page. If you are an employee with a valid Snap Schedule 365 account, it was created by your employer to provide you access to your scheduling information. In line with this, your account access and management are overseen by your employer. If you need to request deletion of your account, please follow the process established by your company.

Steps for Account Deletion:

  1. Contact Your Employer: Reach out to your immediate supervisor or your Human Resources representative. Use the standard communication channels you typically employ for employment-related queries or requests.
  2. Provide Necessary Details: You may be required to provide specific information related to your account, such as your company code, account username, and employee ID.

Please Note:

  • The account deletion process is governed by your employer’s policies. Snap Schedule 365 app developers do not manage user account deletions.
  • Account deletion will result in the permanent removal of your account data and access to Snap Schedule 365 services.

Thank you for using Snap Schedule 365. For any other questions about how Snap Schedule manages data privacy, please reach out to us directly at