Shift Coverage by Assignment Reason

Shift Coverage by Assignment Reason

The Shift Coverage By Assignment Reason report displays the number of employees required and scheduled by shift assignment reason for each shift, organized by shift location for each day in the report date range. The information presented in this report is similar to the shift coverage planner. By default, this report displays shift coverage information for the current week.

Corresponding to each position in a shift, the report shows a three-column coverage profile. The first column (Required) contains the required head counts for each shift assignment reason. The second column (Assigned) shows the numbers of employees assigned for each shift assignment reason, and the third column (Var) shows the variances in staffing (assigned head count - required head count). For the variance field, red color indicates under-staffing, orange indicates over-staffing, and green indicates the right level of staffing.

Report Header Information: Your business name, report title, the range of dates covered in the report, and the sort order. You can selectively hide these fields using the command.

Location: The shift location description.

Date: The date when a shift was assigned.

Shift: Description of the shift.

Assignment Reason: Shift assignment reason if one was entered for the shift assignment.

Required: The required head count for the position.

Assigned: The head count of employees assigned to the shift.

Var. The variances in staffing (assigned head count - required head count).