Shift Trades

Shift trades are posted by employees through Employee Access app for other employees to bid on (or request to work). Once an employee approves another employee's bid, schedulers have the option of either approving/denying the shift trade bid, or automatically letting the employee decide. Schedulers cannot add or remove shift trades from the schedule. To restrict employees from trading shifts all together, you can configure the shift trading policy in the Employee Access Settings.

Viewing all available shift trades

Snap Schedule 365 allows you to see all available shift trades posted by employees. You can find this list by either clicking Shift Trade Approvals under the Activities tab or by clicking Shift Trade Approvals from the Scheduler Dashboard.

By default, the shift trade approvals list shows the date and time that each shift trade was posted, their approval status, and the number of bids received so far. The name and position of the employee who posted the shift trade as well as the date, name, length, and location of the shift that is being traded also appears in the list.

Editing shift trades

Shift trades are mainly managed by employees, but schedulers can still approve or reject a shift trade and modify the notes of the shift trade.

  1. In the shift trades list, select a shift trade and click
  2. If enabled, click Approve or Reject to either approve or reject the shift trade.
  3. You can enter any free-form notes about the shift trade in the Notes box.
  4. Click Save.