Export to Payroll is Now a Snap

There are few administrative chores that take the wind out of your sails as fast as processing the payroll.  Second only to employee scheduling, payroll is a tedious and time-consuming task.­­

Often times, the simple concept of counting hours, calculating earnings and paying your employees gets bogged down with verifying and reconciling figures.  And that’s before considering the time spent transferring all of this data between software suites.

The ability to interface with your payroll provider is key, and that’s why Snap Schedule has added another time saving function to our employee-scheduling suite.

Export to Payroll allows you to easily convert relevant time card data into a customized export file.  Imagine the man-hours saved by eliminating the need to manually re-key data into your accounting package.  Not to mention, reducing the risk of accidental transcribing errors could save you from costly mistakes.

Tucked into Snap Schedule’s Admin tools, you can quickly access the Export to Payroll window.  There you can either choose from a standard format or customize the information you would like to export.  The standard options are pre-set with the required formats that partners like ADP, SAP and Workday expect.

Because each user is unique, Snap Schedule has always provided a wide variety of features, and the new Export to Payroll function is no different.  Within the Export to Payroll, you can select data that best suits your payroll needs.  Whether you are pulling data from the current week, a past time period, scheduled hours or time actually worked – you have control of which information is selected.

Once you have built the file format to your specifications, you can save the changes.  This way, you can format once, but use multiple times.  Also, by assigning a batch number, you will be able to identify each payroll export file.

The Export to Payroll function is just another way Snap Schedule is working to help you save time, reduce errors and take the stress out of employee scheduling.  For more time saving tips like these – check us out at Snap Schedule.