A collection of employee scheduling articles using Snap Schedule.

Export to Payroll is Now a Snap

There are few administrative chores that take the wind out of your sails as fast as processing the payroll.  Second only to employee scheduling, payroll is a tedious and time-consuming task.­­ Often times, the simple concept of counting hours, calculating earnings and paying your employees gets bogged down with verifying and reconciling figures.  And that’s before considering the time spent transferring all of this data between software suites. The ability… Read More »Export to Payroll is Now a Snap

Daylight Saving Time, Saving You Time

In the North America, at least, we all lost an hour of sleep this weekend as we started Daylight Saving Time.  Moving those clock hands forward isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and it makes for a difficult Monday morning.  In honor of the lost hour, the development team at Snap Schedule is excited to release a couple of new time-related features in Snap Schedule 365 that are designed… Read More »Daylight Saving Time, Saving You Time

New Year, New Employee Task View

Happy New Year from Snap Schedule!  While everyone else was watching the ball drop in Times Square, the dev team at Snap Schedule was finalizing a new employee feature to celebrate the new year. Employee Remote Access Task View Employees can now see a detailed view of the daily schedule, all the way down to individual tasks.  And this view is not only for their assignments, but for their coworkers… Read More »New Year, New Employee Task View

Snap Schedule 365 Enhancements Eclipse All Other Solutions

Being software development geeks as we are, the development team at Snap Schedule decided to push out an update to Snap Schedule 365 in conjunction with the North American Lunar Eclipse.  Here in Seattle, we’re expecting a 92% moon shadow, which will be very slick.  So, donning our ISO 12312-2 certified solar glasses, we’ll be staring into the sun on Monday, August 21, 2017, and hoping that the Seattle clouds… Read More »Snap Schedule 365 Enhancements Eclipse All Other Solutions

Schedule Views — Minimum Row Height and Cell Padding

In a recent update to Snap Schedule 365, we made an improvement to the Task View by Employee that reduced the size of task assignments by 10 pixels (5 pixels of padding on both the top and bottom).  We did this to allow the underlying shift assignment to be visible even when the task assignments cover the entire shift.  An example of that extra padding is shown below. We’ve heard… Read More »Schedule Views — Minimum Row Height and Cell Padding

Useful Employee Updates

Snap Schedule 365 enjoyed yet another update this week with the following enhancements geared toward employee remote access. Forgot My Password Employees will now see a link on the login screen that allows them to reset their password without involving a scheduler.  Clicking on the link will cause an email to be sent to the employee with instructions on how to reset their password. Clamp Early Punch In or Late… Read More »Useful Employee Updates