Keep scheduling and employee information in one place

Running a service business means that you have to maintain a lot of contact data. All too often this data is spread out among a number of locations. Operations will have phone numbers for employees and the primary client contacts. Site supervisors will have primary, alternate and last ditch contact information for their site. Sales will have an entirely separate list. To make it more difficult these lists will be maintained on a variety of software packages. This makes merging data into a master list even more difficult. There really is a need for a master list that everyone can access.

Snap Schedule can create that list for you. There are two primary lists you can generate in Snap Schedule: Employees and Locations (clients). The amount of detail you can input for each one is simply astounding.

Employee data starts with general information on employee number, position and employee labor costs. There are additional tabs for contact information; skills and locations they can work; and even a custom tab for your own unique needs. Client contact information can be entered under the locations tab. You can set this data up under specific clients, sites, even shifts. That last one can be important as client contacts may change depending on the shift. You don’t want to wake up one client supervisor when another one is on duty. The locations data base also has room for custom fields that you designate.

The hardest part of establishing any master list is establishing who is going to maintain it. This is particularly true of Snap Schedule which allows for input by multiple users. The solution is to establish responsibility for specific data entry delineated by department. Human Resources should only enter or update basic employee data. Training enters their data as the employee gains new skills. Sales have a part in this process as well. They should be starting location files as soon as the contract is signed. Finally, the site or field supervisors should be updating location data on a regular basis. The end result is a master list that has everything needed in one place.

One thing you have to be careful of is limiting access. A line employee authorized to check their schedule and punch in/out remotely should be limited to just those roles. The shift supervisor or dispatcher needs to see more. However, they don’t need access to your labor costs or be able to print your entire client list. The last thing you want is proprietary data going out the door with a disgruntled employee. Snap Schedule has built in limitations that the owner/manager can define. It allows the manager to do this by setting up limitations in what’s known as “Application Roles.” Each user can have their own specific access profile or role programmed into the software.

Snap Schedule is software you can trust with your important data. It allows you to set up a central data base of important information that you and your staff need for daily operations.