New Year, New Employee Task View

Happy New Year from Snap Schedule!  While everyone else was watching the ball drop in Times Square, the dev team at Snap Schedule was finalizing a new employee feature to celebrate the new year.

Employee Remote Access Task View

Employees can now see a detailed view of the daily schedule, all the way down to individual tasks.  And this view is not only for their assignments, but for their coworkers as well.  Employers have been asking us to provide employees with a deep graphical view into the schedule so they can see exactly what is happening on a daily basis — so, we delivered the new Task View.

From this view, the employees can see all of the shift assignments of their coworkers, as well as any specific tasks to which they are assigned.  The view is scrollable both horizontally (along the time axis) and vertically (along the employee axis).  To see detailed information about the shift and task assignments, the employee simply touches a selected cell.  The rows are sortable in a myriad of ways, and the time-scale is user-selectable. Because there is so much data on this view, it may be difficult to see on a small screen, so we also added a full-screen option for those employees accessing their schedule from tablets or desktops.

All of these features combine to provide employees with even greater insight into the daily operations of your organization.  We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we look forward to delivering even more functionality throughout 2018.