Save time and money with effective scheduling tools

Running a security company, or any business, involves a multitude of tasks for the office staff. You are most likely the only office staff in the first two years after start-up. Your time will be stretched very thin. The quicker you can complete one task the more time you have for other jobs.

Here is an example for you. One regional company used a full-time administrator just to do scheduling and payroll for 89 employees at a maritime container facility. That was about 2000 hours per week. Why? Everything was done by spreadsheet. Then, the payroll spreadsheet had to be sent to the company headquarters for another full-time employee to process it. There was still the need for a third employee, a field supervisor, to manage and track the day to day schedule changes. The entire process could have been handled by one on-site manager using Snap Schedule.

Snap Schedule is an integrated software platform that performs a multitude of tasks. In fact, it will accomplish all the tasks needed to manage a contract security company with multiple sites.

You are no doubt thinking this must be a very complicated program to use. Not at all. A good program doesn’t need a user’s manual. It should be intuitive. You won’t need a manual to program Snap Schedule. It is a menu driven program based on the Excel Spreadsheet drop down menus. The learning curve for basic set-up and scheduling tasks is less than an hour.

A really great function of this program is that it will export timesheets into your payroll processing package. Snap Schedule will export time sheets in a multitude of formats such as Excel, HTML, and others. Many of us use the ever-popular Quick Books Pro for small business payroll processing. Did you know that Quick Books will input payroll as an Excel file? This means that with a few keystrokes you go from your scheduling software into your payroll processing program. In the example given above the site supervisor could have completed payroll in a matter of minutes. Printing the checks would have been the task requiring the most time.

It’s Snap Schedule’s reports that can save your company the most of the time and money. Data analysis can be a real headache that takes up a lot of time. You don’t have to have an MBA to analyze data with Snap Schedule. The name of the game is finding out where hidden expenses are eating away at your profit. Unbillable overtime is the monster you want to pin down. Snap Schedules reports can quickly tell you if you’ve got absenteeism problems, poor scheduling, a need for more employees or if last minute demands from the client are costing you money.

There are three types of expenses any company has to deal with. You have to budget for payroll, consumables and those items which produce income. Saving money can be considered an income producing activity. Snap Schedule would have saved that regional provider at least one and possibly two full-time employees. That’s an investment that pays for itself; then, produces income at the bottom line.