Useful Employee Updates

Snap Schedule 365 enjoyed yet another update this week with the following enhancements geared toward employee remote access.

Forgot My Password

Employees will now see a link on the login screen that allows them to reset their password without involving a scheduler.  Clicking on the link will cause an email to be sent to the employee with instructions on how to reset their password.

Clamp Early Punch In or Late Punch Out Times to Shift Times

New options in the Employee Access Settings screen allows schedulers to cause Snap Schedule 365 to round up early punch-ins, or round down late punch-outs, to the scheduled shift times.  These options are for organizations that allow employees to clock-in early and clock-out late, but want to maintain recorded hours that are consistent with scheduled hours.  If these options are set, and an employee punches in early or punches out late, the actual punch time is recorded in a notes field associated with the punch record.