Printing What You See on Schedule Views

You can print the contents of the Daily By Employee/By Shift, Shift, Task by Employee/By Task, Calendar by Employee/By Shift, and Punch views to communicate schedule information to management or your employees. The printout will show what you see on the screen, even in color if your printer is capable. The range of dates printed is exactly the same as the display range you selected for the schedule view (even if that date range didn't all fit on your screen). You can preview, select which printer, and change paper size and orientation before printing.

To preview/print a schedule view:

  1. Select the schedule view you would like to print and resize schedule cells as required to get the schedule view you would like to be printed.

  2. Click .

  3. The Print Schedule screen will appear. It is recommended that you print the schedule view using Snap Schedule 365's default settings, but you are given print options to further customize your printed schedule view. These settings include:
  4. Click OK to generate a PDF of the schedule view.