Eric Hawthorne

Useful Employee Updates

Snap Schedule 365 enjoyed yet another update this week with the following enhancements geared toward employee remote access. Forgot My Password Employees will now see a link on the login screen that allows them to reset their password without involving a scheduler.  Clicking on the link will cause an email to be sent to the employee with instructions on how to reset their password. Clamp Early Punch In or Late… Read More »Useful Employee Updates

Granularity of Scheduler Notifications and New Reports

The Snap Schedule 365 development team is continually at work to improve the products you use every day as part of your operational activities.  We just released an update to Snap Schedule 365 that provides a couple of helpful items, and we wanted to share the news with you. Scheduler Notifications A recent update to Snap Schedule 365 added a new feature called Scheduler Notifications.  This allowed for schedulers to… Read More »Granularity of Scheduler Notifications and New Reports

New Sort Options for Snap Schedule 365

The Snap Schedule 365 development team added some new sort options to all of the schedule views.  You can now specify the sort order of both the rows and the data within the cells.  This provides you with much greater flexibility as to how you view your schedule data. Additionally, we’ve added a bunch of new fields to the sort options, and each view displays its own sort screen containing the… Read More »New Sort Options for Snap Schedule 365

April Showers Bring May Features

It’s been a bit of a soggy month here in Seattle, and while the persistent rain has kept the mossy-eared Snap Schedule development team inside, it certainly has produced some nice product enhancements.  We hope you’ll enjoy these new features! Employee Notification The most significant change to Snap Schedule 365 is the new Employee Notification engine.  It is now possible to notify employees that their work schedule has changed.  When a scheduler… Read More »April Showers Bring May Features

March Maintenance Update

The development team at Snap Schedule released a maintenance update to Snap Schedule 365 last night that included fixes to the following issues: Contact Information was missing from Employee property pages when invoked from within a report.  While no data was ever lost in this scenario, the contact information was not being displayed if the user clicked on a hyperlink from within a report. Shift assignment end time was miscalculated… Read More »March Maintenance Update

A Couple of New Features for March

In like a lamb…  The development team at Snap Schedule added a couple of new features to Snap Schedule 365 last night.  They may not roar like a lion, but they were requested by customers, and we thought many people might find them useful. Convert Shift Assignments to Open Shifts When an employee calls in sick or has to cancel out of a shift assignment with little notice, one of the ways… Read More »A Couple of New Features for March

Snap Schedule 365 Minor Update

Last night, the development team pushed out a minor update to Snap Schedule 365.  There were a few small issues that we wanted to address quickly.  All were simple UI glitches that were resolved in the update.  Chances are, very few users were impacted, but we wanted to clean things up as best we can.  The issues that were fixed include: Time Off Requests for partial days were not registering the intended… Read More »Snap Schedule 365 Minor Update