COVID-19, Callouts, and Compliance: How You Can Automate Your Callout Process

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a lot of uncertainty and change for business and individuals. Employees are looking for additional control over their schedules and transparency into shifts now more than ever. By automating your scheduling practices, you can streamline your call-out process, stay compliant with union rules and labor regulations, and give employees more visibility into shift availability and scheduling.

When conducting callouts it can be difficult to manually track all of the different variables and scheduling considerations that are needed to stay compliant with union rules. Snap Schedule’s rule-based callout system makes it easy to identify a list of employees who are good candidates to fill open shifts. As a scheduler, you can configure the callout rules and customize inputs to automatically generate a list of qualified employees. You can filter according to multiple dimensions, such as employee skills, availability, seniority, hours worked to easily ensure that you are meeting any union rules or business requirements. This flexibility makes it easy to make sure your schedules stay compliant with callout policy and any changes to regulations, union contracts, collective bargaining agreement requirements, and changing demands. Using software that allows you to customize automated callout rules makes it possible to keep up with changing times and requirements.

With manual callouts, it can be time consuming and frustrating to document all the data and steps of the process for auditing. It’s important to keep clear records of the callout processes, since union representatives need data transparency to make sure shift scheduling is compliant with union rules and labor regulation. Scheduling software makes it easy for management and union representatives to instantly see the employee’s shift assignments, hours worked, overtime hours, and accurate data to support how the callout was done.

COVID-19 has led to significant changes and has made it necessary for businesses to operate in new ways. Snap Schedule’s automated shift scheduling makes it easy for you to simplify your callout scheduling, be flexible to changing needs, maintain compliance with union rules, and improve employee satisfaction.