How Automating Employee Scheduling Can Increase Employee Satisfaction

In 2020, Deloitte analyzed global trends in human capital and found that 39% of the companies surveyed increased flexibility and predictability in scheduling. How you schedule employees matters and now, more than ever, companies are taking steps to enhance employee well-being. But what exactly does it mean to make your schedules more flexible and more predictable? Is it even possible to have both at the same time? That’s where automated employee shift scheduling software like Snap Schedule can help.

Flexibility is crucial to making sure employees can adapt to changes. Let’s say you have an hourly employee who needs to reschedule a shift. Without automated scheduling software, it may be difficult for your employee to find a replacement. This person might frantically reach out to multiple co-workers individually, only to find that they are unable to find someone to replace them. There’s a better way to help your employees handle changes to their availability – by enabling shift trading. With Snap Schedule, this employee can make their shift available to other coworkers who are eligible. They can also select from a list of qualified coworkers and reach out to them to invite them to bid on the shift. Invited coworkers can submit bids to pick up the shift or to swap it with one of their assigned shifts.

You can also give employees more flexibility to take on additional shifts by letting them self-schedule with open shifts. Schedulers create an open shift and specify the number of employees needed and the required skills. Qualified employees can view the open shifts and bid for any shifts they like. Schedulers then approve or reject the bid and the employee will be alerted of the approval status via email, in-app notification, or both..

Predictability in employee scheduling helps ensure that employees are able to have control over their work/life balance. Employee scheduling needs within certain industries, such as retail, tend to change rapidly and seasonally. Make it easy for your employees to plan ahead by making it possible for them to see when they are expected to be at work well in advance. Through desktop and mobile access, Snap Schedule makes it easier than ever for employees to access their schedules wherever they are. And if unexpected changes do occur, employees can choose if they want to be alerted via phone calls or SMS texting.

Make things easy for you, and for your employees by automating your employee scheduling process. How you handle employee scheduling can have a huge impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.