Can More Strict Employee Scheduling Laws Be In Your Business’ Future?

secure scheduling law approved

Seattle’s proposed “secure scheduling” law is at the forefront of the worker’s rights movement attempting to gain more stable and predictable work schedules for retail and food-service workers. The “secure scheduling” law is among the first of its kind in the United States of America. The Seattle City Council committee held their meeting Monday, September 19 to vote on this new law.

The council has voted in favor of the new employee scheduling law, making Seattle the second major U.S. city to regulate how large retailers and food-service establishments schedule their workers. Businesses falling under the law’s umbrella will be required to follow employee-scheduling regulations set forth in the “secure scheduling” legislation.

What does this mean for the future of Employee Scheduling?

During the Seattle City Council meeting, council member Lisa Herbold stated that other states, and cities are looking at similar legislation currently. Council member Kshama Sawat seconded this sentiment when mentioning the quote, “What happens in Seattle doesn’t stay in Seattle,” during her speech indicating the belief that the passing of this law will have an affect other city and state legislation surrounding employee scheduling.

So what can the passing of Seattle’s “secure scheduling” law mean for the future of employee scheduling in the U.S.? It is likely that this workers’ movement will gain momentum in cities and states already discussing similar legislation. There is also a chance that these employee scheduling laws will apply to other industries besides retail and food service in the near future.

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